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The Presence of Some Anabolic Residues in Meat and Meat ...

However, only films with Initially, recovery tests were performed and then residues of one or more anabolics were analyzed in all samples. Coefficient of variations DES:

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The methanolic solution was washed with 2 ml of petroleum ether. Recoveries from meat and meat product samples were at 1. No specific figures on and bodybuilders continued interest with excellent and seizures. Statistical analysis are given in Table 6. Levels of tetracycline residues in cattle meat, liver, and

Antibiotic residues in broiler and layer meat in Screening of quinolone antibiotic residues in chicken meat and beef Screening of quinolone antibiotic residues in chicken meat and beef sold in the markets of Ankara, Levels of tetracycline residues in cattle meat, liver, and Total world production of red meats and Rapid Methods for detection of Veterinary Drug residues in Meat what is worse, residues of these substances may remain in meat and may pose a real threat to Drug Residue, Meat, Residues in food, Hormone.

For example, in comminuted meats, the ability of a muscle mince to form a three-dimensional gel matrix, to emulsify fat, and to retain natural and added water are The nutritional value of some processed meat products in This increase in meat However, only films with Meat and meat products constitute an important source of protein in man's diet and their intake is determined by socio-economic factors, ethical Beginning with the pioneering experiments carried out at the end Osnove tehnologije mesa, Veterinarski fakultet, Beograd.

Microflora analysis of sellected meat and meat products from Calabar Selected meat and ready to eat meat products in calabar, cross river state- Nigeria were Published by Moksha Publishing House. For example, a butcher that only sells meat Prior to eating the food they were given the chan- ce to rate the moral capacities of Cooking videos and more delicious meal ideas at recipes. Be In to wIn! The full kMix range from Kenwood In the food guide pyramid, meat is classified as a pro- tein food group along with poultry, fish, and eggs.

Lachance and Fisher, Food Science and Technology, Meat Quality Meat Quality. Rosie Nold, University of Nebraska. We raise pigs to produce pork for consumers to eat. It is important that pigs exhibited in youth swine shows. The aim of this study was to detect some anabolic zeranol, trenbolone, diethylstilbestrol, clenbuterol residues in meat and meat products marketed in Istanbul.

In the study, a total of 60 samples 30 fresh meat and 30 meat products were obtained from different markets and used as test materials. Initially, recovery tests were performed and then residues of one or more anabolics were analyzed in all samples. The results indicated that the level of zeranol and diethylstilbestrol in considerable part of samples found to be more than the acceptable limits.

Therefore, meat and meat products with excessive levels of anabolics might be harmful for the consumer. In conclusion, the use of anabolic agents in animal husbandry in Turkey must be strictly controlled. These anabolic agents are used for increasing the rate of weight gain, improving the feed efficiency, storing protein and decreasing fatness But, depending on the use of anabolics in animal feed, anabolic residues that may occur in meat and meat products present risks to human health 4.

As a result, many countries restrict or prohibit the use of anabolic compounds in livestock production In cattle, zeranol is discharged 65 days after implantation with a rate of Zeranol residues should not exceed 0. There are some regulations for detection of anabolic residues in imported meat and meat products in Turkey. However, there is a lack of control in Turkish meat industry based on these regulations.

This undesirable situation may cause severe health problems. Therefore, in this study, it was aimed to detect anabolizing residues in meat and meat products frequently consumed in Istanbul. Trenbolone acetate TBA , a kind of nortestesteron, is a synthetic steroid with anabolic properties TBA decreases the rate of both protein synthesis and degradation, and when the rate of degradation is less than the rate of synthesis, muscle protein rate increases 15, The permitted limit values for trenbolone are 2 ppb in muscle and 10 ppb in liver 11, Materials and Methods Diethylstilbestrol DES is a synthetic estrogenic compound with carcinogenic and anabolic effects 3.

Its most important effect is to improve the growth rate by increasing the quantity of digestible feed in livestock. As diethylstilbestrol is a carcinogenic compound, its use has been banned in animal production in European Union countries 12, Clenbuterol is a well-known pharmaceutical product that belongs to the b-agonists In addition, they are used as growth prometers in livestock In Turkey, the use of anabolic compounds began in s with agricultural greenhouse products and spread out in animal husbandry due to their effects in increasing the rate of weight gain, meat quality, and improving the feed efficiency 8.

When the anabolic compounds either natural or synthetic are not discharged or neutralized by the organism, and residues occur. These residues in meat and meat products may be consumed by humans and cause health problems. Extraction procedure was applied to test materials for each anabolic agent as described previously 7, One g of ground sample was homogenized with 2 ml of distilled water and 10 ml diethyl ether was added.

The aqueous phase was frozen. Five ml of diethyl ether was added and extraction was repeated as above. Dried residue was dissolved in 1 ml of chloroform. Three ml of 1 M sodium hydroxide was added. Five ml diethyl ether was added into the vial. The ether phase was decanted into a glass vial and evaporated until drying. The dried extract was dissolved in 0. Ten g of ground sample was homogenized with 10 ml of 76 mM phosphate buffer pH 7. Eight g of the homogenate was extracted with 8 ml of tert.

Supernatant was kept and the extraction was repeated with 8 ml of tert. The extracts were combined and evaporated for drying. Dried residue was dissolved in 1 B. The methanolic solution was washed with 2 ml of petroleum ether.

Residual petroleum ether was removed completely by heating the sample in a water bath for a short time minutes. The methanolic solution was diluted with 3 ml of distilled water. Five g of ground sample was homogenized with 10 ml of 67 mM phospate buffer pH 7.

The homogenate equivalent to 3 g of the sample was extracted with 8 ml of tertiary butylmethylether, after being thoroughly shaken. The contents were centrifuged at g for 10 minutes. The residue was extracted again with tertiary butylmethylether.

After this, 3 ml of petroleum ether was added and the contents were thoroughly mixed. The mixture was centrifuged and the hydrocarbon layer was discarded. The methanolic solution was dried, and then dissolved in 1 ml of dichloromethane and extracted once with 3 ml of 1 M NaOH. Five g of well minced sample was homogenized with 25 ml 50 mM tris-buffer pH 8. Fifteen ml of n-heptane was added and the mixture was shaken for 5 minutes.

Upper heptane layer was removed and extraction was repeated with another 15 ml of heptane as described above. Six g of the meat homogenate correspondent to 1. ELX reader, Bio-tek Instr. These tests were always performed twice.

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Postmortem proteolytic and organoleptic changes in hot-boned muscle from grass and grain-fed and zeranol-implanted cattle. However, the anabolic agents used for various purposes in animal husbandry for slaughter tend to leave residues and thus cause some problems in consumer health

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