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Testosterone Low-T Lawsuit

low t medication lawsuit

Various claims are made for testosterone treatment drugs including assertions that they will improve sex drive and performance, produce increased muscle growth, reduce body fat and build stronger bones. Testosterone Litigation Filing a lawsuit for complications caused by low T drugs gives you compensation for medical bills, the pain they suffered and justice for being recommended a dangerous product. Side Effects Learn about dangerous side effects. Men who have no true medical need for testosterone treatment could suffer serious side effects with the recreational use of such products, which include:. This essential hormone can decrease as men age, known medically as Andropause. These injuries can include: In fact, some experts suggest that decreasing testosterone may be attributable more to these external factors than to the aging process.

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That particular group had a 66 percent heightened low t medication lawsuit of a heart attack within 90 days of taking the drug for the first time. Low t medication lawsuit healthy testosterone level is necessary for healthy sexual arousal in both sexes. Androgel Endo Pharmaceuticals Products: The public deserves to be fully informed of the risks associated with all dangerous drugs and medical devices. One of the most serious side effects associated with TRT medicatioon deep dbal rl thrombosis.

Drug companies have marketed testosterone replacement therapy for unapproved purposes, leading to life-threatening complications, such lawsuig heart attack and stroke. Testosterone also is associated with aggression in males. Right now, our low testosterone injury lawyers are representing clients like you and helping them recover financial compensation for the physical and psychological harm low t medication lawsuit by testosterone therapy, low t medication lawsuit, lost wages, and other medical expenses. A group of men this year filed best turinabol pct against Abbott Laboratories Inc. Gilbert, Arizona Glendale, Arizona N. Our drug injury lawyers can help you get the money you need for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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low t medication lawsuit

Low Testosterone Treatment Lawsuits Thousands of men and their families who have been harmed by these treatments feel that they were not properly warned of the side effects and the potential dangers that were involved with low t treatment. Children who accidentally come in contact with the hormone because their father applies it topically can develop unwanted pubic hair and genital changes. There are treatments other than testosterone for things like fatigue. Testosterone Lawsuits Drug companies have marketed testosterone replacement therapy for unapproved purposes, leading to life-threatening complications, such as heart attack and stroke. Before you start any course of treatment for a testosterone-related condition, you should consult with your doctor about the risks of testosterone supplements. Naturally decreasing testosterone levels do not cause aging symptoms, but can result in lowered libido and infertility.

low t medication lawsuit

Since testosterone treatments have exploded in popularity, the treatment is now administered in at least five forms, including patches, gels, and injections. Injured patients who are not given the whole story about a dangerous product by the manufacturer, and then suffer serious harms and losses, deserve fair compensation. Some of the common brands of low T drugs that have caused complications in men include: Get a free consultation today. While Andropause is a natural process as the body ages, the side effects like decreased muscle mass can lead some men to seek treatments to increase their Testosterone levels. Let's get your life back to normal! Low Testosterone Medication Dangers.

low t medication lawsuit

This low t medication lawsuit firm medocation not affiliated with, sponsored by, or associated with AbbVie Inc. It may be inherited or acquired later in life. Contact Your Testosterone Lawyer Today. Testosterone is meant to treat actual medical problems like genetic deficiencies, chemotherapy side effects or damaged testicles. Call Joye Law Firm or fill out our online contact form for a free claim review and information about your legal rights. If you have specific questions low t medication lawsuit to your situation you should speak with merication local attorney. It is estimated that up to one-quarter of the testosterone treatment prescriptions are dispensed best hgh supplement for muscle gain a blood test, and often there is little or no re-testing or dose adjustment after the initial prescription.