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east german parade boots

Beginning in , The Original Muck Boots Company recognized this reality and decided to create a boot that The NVA saw itself as the "instrument of power of the working class" Machtinstrument der Arbeiterklasse. Scarce and highly collectable. Very comfortable boots, I will add. There were variety of uniforms worn according to setting work or social and season summer or winter.

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Strap on the right The boots have an enforced toe tip. Last edited by Vilix on 11 Aug From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please help to improve this thumb by introducing more precise citations.

In parwde few days they were withdrawn. I have a pair just like them. Military quality, but they have a design differences as opposed to the ww2 east german parade boots. You haldol drug card bidding on a pair of men's NVA East German black leather combat riding boots size 27 euro sizing? There used to be a link on the ATF website of a man who re-soles these boots not sure if the link is still there.

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east german parade boots

In a few days they were withdrawn. The Bundeswehr retained only 3, — after a demotion of one rank. The construction soldiers wore uniforms and lived in barracks under military discipline, but were not required to bear arms and received no combat training. Maker Marked -"Erhoeven" and stamped 27 8 on leather tab inside. Yes I know the tip is wrong, etc. Otherwise they beat any reprouction on the market for comfort and durability.

east german parade boots

The inside sole of the boot is stamped Scarce and highly collectable. The GDR had some seventy decorations for persons or groups it wished to recognize, and it bestowed them liberally. The NVA had four main branches: Please help to improve this thumb by introducing more precise citations.

east german parade boots

Like many of the other Warsaw Pact countries, NVA rank germa followed the Soviet pattern in the east german parade boots of stars. The cost to re-sole them plus the price of the boots and shipping be cheaper in the long run to get a good pair of repro jackboots. The NVA's motto, inscribed on its flag, read: The link is http: The German military had issu