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A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

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Depeche Mode — Precious Misc remix It's instructional to remember the heady days of late , when the anti-Bush drumbeat turned deafening and the context in which Team9 and myself were working on American Edit to fully understand how thrilling it was to me to discover that Gold Digger and American Idiot were in the same key. Postman kom med ett kort. Gosse, du fattar vad det handlar om Gosse, du fattar vad det handlar om! It took six weeks to record. Jay-Z "99 Problems" A Capella White Stripes but also buck that genre in an amusing way, and also nod to the uniqueness of LIVE and the Bay Area, and do it all in a half-hour set that a 6pm audience would find palatable.


The mp3 files are tagged with the displayed artwork, date and episode title, as well as a full tracklisting in the "Lyrics" tab. Again, giving myself a break this week. Excavating which version is which and which is the best could take a lifetime, so let's just say another version opens Sixx Mixx 51, and it's okay. Apparently Coldplay was doing a show that night in the Bay Area, so, half-hour of Coldplay remixes and stuff. The remix was done by Thunderpuss Watch www. Comments Almost became the lead single, but was left off Puls totally instead. It felt strange to work together again after such a long time.

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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 26 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Anyone have an idea? Every artist I've looked up isn't the right one! It's a Eurodance song, and was found on one of the many Eurodance compilation CD's of that time.

The only lyrics I can remember is "She couldn't miss the call, she couldn't wait, and now she" The song was sung by a woman, and featured a lot of piano, and was a Eurodance track. Is anyone able to find the name of this song, and artist? Google is your friend: Oh yeah that's so so from If those track answers were correct. You guys are amazing. Google or no google. Some of the songs on the lists didn't seem to Dance Worthy to me though.

Does anyone know it? I couldn't find anything close. It was a favorite back then Got a chicks vocals and just cant remember the name of it for the life of me, thanking you all. I am a single track, from mp3 collection in ? I do not remember. It was a guy playing a piano in a club and he was absolutely killing it. Anyway at 2mins 3 secs he played a riff of a tune I've not heard since the 90s and I've always loved it. I cannot find it god damn thing anywhere on my hard drives or online and I've been trawling all evening.

So by some miracle I'm trying to figure out a way to find out that damn song. Short of adding me on Facebook as the video is on my page to listen to.. Its not but that deep piano beat has a similar thing to the track I'm after. But its more aggressive…. But tune is there at 5. DJ Art Pumpin Payne 7: Possibly a funky house track with female vocals.

I seem to remember something like "make you go round" in the build up to the chorus DJ Marv the Maverick 7: But I'm not sure. Wonder if anybody remembers a song where you could hear a guy going "uh" and a girl "ah" in the background as the song goes Been reading playlists for a good couple of hours trying to find the name of 2 songs as well as their artist. Any help at all? A couple of times a year I get the songs stuck in my head and I waste so much time trying to find them. Polar bear in German.

Thank you so very much, now that you've said it I totally remember that it stood for polar bear. Please help ive looked for it for years. I am pretty sure it is from the late s and early s. It's a dance tune and it starts off with a woman singer going like: Da da da da duh da and the beat is pretty chill. I can't remember the name of it, but I remember all that xD Thanks. It was similar to the one now if memory serves me right but was very low budget and I distinctly remember there being a green room or lots of green I am desperate to find this song.

I can not get it out of my head: I would be really grateful: Ohh Na ne Na nay. Round the year of ? This is the best recollection I have of it. OK it starts off with a male voice speaking and describing what you need to make a dance track. It goes something like this Thanks in advance for any input.

It's pretty mainstream- not my normal kind of stuff - but good. It was on a compilation again, can't for the life of me remember who by Cream, Renaissance??? To make things easier, it's a fairly repetitive vocal track with words that sound to me like 'I lied to you, I lied through and through, I lied to you, I lied through and through' or alive with you, alive through and through..

I know I've probably got the words really wrong. It was back in the day and because it's not something I would have played myself, I didn't buy it so don't recall the title. Think it was by David someone? Again, I may be wrong. So obvious now but I just would never have got it. Listening to it right now: As I said, it wasn't really what I would buy back then, no idea how I ever ended up with a CD compilation.

Most of my records were techno, prog house, hard trance - mainly techno. I did google and find you, and I'm a copywriter so I get the rankings thing.

The song wasn't in english. The only bits I remember is that about a minute into the song she goes into a long note for 30ish seconds and then the song continues. Something along the lines of "aya yaaaaaaa cue long note Starts off slow and then picks up after the note.

Any help would be appreciated. The remix was done by Thunderpuss Watch www. I have been searching for this song for about 10 years. I heard it back in It was considered dance music, I think. All I remember is a female singing, "It's not enough. Oh no, it's not enough". Anyone has an idea what it could be? Don't have the sample.

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lyrics max herre

The Thomas Dolby section at the top is amusing enough, and then we veer into a pre-name version of "Dr.

lyrics max herre

On a side note, back here in , it's the day after horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, which is not really related to the Sixx Mixx in any way, except it sort of is. I also really like the remix-remix I did of "Mass Destruction;" the Tom Middleton version of the song had just come out and I really liked it, so I did another version of my George W. Comments Gyllene recorded this backing track in , but there were no lyrics until

lyrics max herre

Tusen och en, en signal. In any event, that's what the last track of the mixx is all about, and it includes some of that conversation with Z-Trip. Jeans for the genies, nesteroidiene definitie for the dreamies, Fighting for a place in the front row. Steinway grand piano, Prophet 5, Lasse Lindbom: While this episode contains as its gooey center about nine minutes of Sixx Mixx 64, for some reason that doesn't bother me too much here, lyrics max herre because it feels like I took the best part of that episode and then surrounded it with more excitement. Tiga mashup I released on its own makes its first lyrics max herre here, and I do still lyrics max herre a chuckle over it.