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It's like a contest, you sit there and you say "I can get these words to hit, right on that note," or "I can walk into this room and hit that mark," and know that everything is going to fit in just perfectly. In the film, the Dinobots were held prisoner as trophies aboard the Knight ship that is used by Lockdown. Fable lost her left arm while summoning a large creature of the void to save her coven. In the anime , Scar lost both his arms after Kimblee causes an giant explosion.

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Yamamoto's refusal to ask Orhime to restore his lost arm is what Yhwach cites as the reason why he so easily defeats Yamamoto and steals his Bankai. The end of the Roberta's Blood Trail OVA for the Black Lagoon anime leads to Roberta's 'reckoning' for her actions during the arc ; she gets into a fight with an American special forces unit and loses her left arm from the shoulder down, her right leg from the knee down, her right eye and two fingers on her right arm and is left wheelchair-bound. In Legends DC , the villain Sunspot uses his power blast to get out of the ankle cuff that Guy Gardner holds him upside-down by, but in the process he accidentally blasts off his right foot. Massive pain is the only thing that disrupts the concentration of Diclonii strongly enough to keep them from using their telekinetic powers and ripping off limbs is the only way to subdue them without immediately killing them. The Dinobots appear in the video game Transformers: Turn's out that he was in a Lotus Eater Machine all the time. Too bad that the only actual role as Optimus Prime he got was in the Unicron Trilogy which was all the same Optimus with different bodies making it only one rather than three.

Fido the Diamond Dog. RollBots Captain Pounder. Transformers Armada Optimus Prime. Action Man Gangrene. Spider-Man Unlimited Mr. Beast Machines Optimus Primal. Weird-Ohs Uncle Huey. Dragon Tales Mungus the Giant. Sonic Underground Dr. Shadow Raiders Commander Medstar. Extreme Dinosaurs Bad Rap. Sonic Christmas Blast Grounder. Beast Wars Optimus Primal.

Pocket Dragon Adventures Sir Nigel. Street Fighter Dhalsim. Joe Extreme Lt. Darkstalkers Donovan Baine. Littlest Pet Shop Sarge. Mega Man Guts Man. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Grounder. Double Dragon Chop. Conan the Adventurer Snagg.

Adventures of T-Rex Bruno. Dragon Warrior Village Elder. Joe DiC Pathfinder. To The Rescue Bumpity. The Revenge of Jimmy Harry. Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktacular Harry. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Savage and his Screaming Eagles General Blitz.

Curse of the Blood Rubies King Gurumes. The Video Game Luca Brasi. Beast Wars Transmetals Optimus Primal. Pee Wee Herman Binome. Bucky O'Hare Al Negator. Metabad said at Happy belated birthday, Garry Chalk! He's had loads of great roles in general. Even though he's never been my favourite Robotnik, it's still really cool that he played him years after playing Grounder.

Starscreamsfan said at 3: Happy birthday, Garry Chalk!!! My favorite roles from him are: Joe 2 Luca Brasi The Godfather: Savage and his Screaming Eagles 6 Pathfinder G. Autovolt said at 8: Happy Birthday Garry Chalk! My top 10 favourite roles from him are: Optimus Primal Beast Wars 2. Prince Rutherford My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 6. Guts Man Mega Man 7. King Gurumes Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies 9. Friendship is Magic Gangrene Action Man Autovolt said at 5: Though it's a shame that he's not reprising Optimus Primal in the upcoming Transformers: Power of the Primes series I mean I really dislike the Machinima series but it still would've been nice, it's annoying that Garry wasn't even considered but also understandable due to how union laws work since Garry's in Canada and Machinima's in the US.

Still it was pretty humble of Garry to approve of Ron Perlman taking over the role. I really hope Garry gets to come back and voice in Transformers again, either as Optimus or a new character altogether or both. CelestialOuroboros said at 6: TheVengeanceKnight said at 2: Autovolt said at Funny enough I totally called it a couple of months ago when they announced it was going to be filming in Vancouver, he would most likely get cast since of all the VA's in Vacouver he's the one that usually does the most live-action work and is easily recognizable.

Friendship Is Magic fanfiction Thorn of the Rose , Thorn Blackfeather gets one of his forelegs caught in a massive gear, requiring it to be amputated. The author has a certain style. Whenever someone gets directly hit, it will usually either be Killed Off for Real or this. Kaze loses an arm in attempt to assassinate Garon during his own execution.

Selena lops off the arm of a Hoshidan soldier during Corrin's escape from Hoshido. Hans has his arm nearly severed in a fight with some Nohrian soldiers, and has to have it amputated. Corrin gets her ear chopped off during a major battle. We later learn that she lost an eye in the same battle, after Takumi shot it out with an arrow.

Hinoka losses An Arm and a Leg in the same battle as above. In the Gelel arc of Dreaming of Sunshine , Shikamaru gets his arm turned to stone and crushed by Ishidate. Irisviel replaced it with an Artificial Limb made of Alchemy-enhanced iron. When Kirei tried to remove the Crow Mask during the Banquet of Kings, it burned his hand to charcoal and cursed it with the inability to heal. One of the most prominent mutilations in the entire story take place in Chapter 4, when Argilac Durrandon, the Storm King, mutilates Corilyan Celtigar, ambassador of Dragonstone, over something he perceived as a slight against his beloved daughter.

Before he is killed, the Solver posing as Butterfly loses his sword hand in his fight against Samantha.

Holt Torv, the head torturer of Harrenhal has lost his foot on the battlefield years before the story starts. It ends as well as you might expect, with Durren slicing off Sadie's sword hand and nearly killing her.

A fight with the nurse over some booze costs Barbie her left arm as well. In Princess Mononoke the first indication we get of the demonic power of Prince Ashitaka's curse is when one of his arrows rips both arms off of a samurai. Later in the film, Lady Eboshi loses an arm to a rather vicious and symbolic animal bite. How to Train Your Dragon has no blood, but Gobber has a pegleg and missing arm that he can change for different things like a hammer, a tankard, a fork, etc.

Toothless the dragon counts after losing a tail rudder fin, and Hiccup loses a foot in the final battle. Happens to Buzz Lightyear in the first Toy Story film while attempting to jump out of a window leading to outside Sid Phillips' house. The mutant toys eventually put his arm back on, however. In the second movie, Woody's arm gets ripped. In Brave , King Fergus lost his leg battling the demon bear Mor'du.

He replaced it with a club-shaped lump of wood. In Strange Frame , Grenman is missing both of his legs. Supposedly, they were stolen cut off by a pair of alien foot fetishists. Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump , who lost his legs in the Vietnam war. Judgment Day , the T loses his left arm when combating the T in the foundry. The titular character from The Man with the Iron Fists gets both arms chopped off. In Tusk , Wallace has both of his legs amputated as part of the process to transform him into a walrus.

It Makes Sense in Context. The famous defibrillator scene in John Carpenter's The Thing , in which a character has his arms bitten off by the titular Thing. Oddly enough, the bitten character is never seen again, so he presumably died of blood loss while the rest of the men were distracted dealing with the monster. Suffers from a bit of Special Effects Failure in that the arms separate well above the bite, but it's so startling and horrifying that it's easy to overlook.

Michael Ironside 's characters frequently lose and damage limbs in the movies he's done, including: In the original Total Recall , getting both his arms ripped off before falling to his death. In Starship Troopers , his character lost much of his left arm , presumably in an earlier war with the Klendathu Arachnids, but he gets an artificial hand fitted on it later in the film. He subsequently loses both his legs in his death scene, after which he pleads Rico to give him a Mercy Kill.

Doubly referenced by a Recruiting Sergeant who appears as a triple amputee for shock value to naive recruits, and the schoolmaster who has also lost an arm. In The Machinist , he loses another arm in an industrial machine accident which the main character subconsciously caused. The Quickening he gets his hand cut off in a sword fight right before MacLeod chops off his head. Kill Bill Part 1 took this to ridiculous extremes, with many members of the Crazy 88 and Sophie Fatale losing various limbs to the Bride.

Those belong to me now. We went into a camp to inoculate some children. We left the camp after we had inoculated the children for polio, and this old man came running after us and he was crying.

We went back there, and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile. A pile of little arms. You ruined my jacket! All Quiet on the Western Front has a plot arc revolving around a pair of boots belonging to one of the original group who loses a leg and subsequently dues of wounds.

One is an elderly Lieutenant who Aubrey is able to both reward and dispose of by making him Captain of a prize vessel, thus ensuring that the man will be honourably and securely pensioned off; another is a below-knee amputee who appears as Captain of an East Indiaman, being felt to have no career prospects in the Royal Navy with his disability. Tom Pullings' facial scarring is generally reckoned to have hindered his already slim prospects, and an officer who loses part of his nose to frostbite steers every introduction round to his wounding to prevent suspicion that he is syphilitic.

Midway into Berlin Alexanderplatz the protagonist Franz Biberkopf suffers an injury that loses him an arm, which ends up being amputated. Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick.

Honor Harrington 's arm was shredded by flechettes when escaping a prison ship. Ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem for their tech, which would have been able to grow her a new one when she got back home, but thanks to a quirk in her genetics her body rejects such procedures and she gets an almost as good prosthetic- with a built in gun.

Previously, she had also lost the same eye right and arm left as her historical pattern, Vice Admiral the Viscount Sir Horatio Nelson. Earlier, he had cut off a finger from that same hand to fake his death. I am sorry to say that Professor Kettleburn has retired from his post at the end of last term, in order to enjoy more time with his remaining limbs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Pike takes one of Amilyn's arms. Razor and his gang chain the Buffybot's limbs to their motorcycles.

The bikes take off, and the 'Bot is neatly quartered. The X-Files One Myth Arc plot-line episodes "Tunguska" and "Terma" has a village of Russian work camp escapees where they amputated everyone's left forearm to remove alien tracking devices implanted by the Government Conspiracy.

Mulder managed to get away unscathed; however, Krycek wasn't quite so lucky. Mulder got tortured by chopping off his arms and legs as well. First went his arms, then his legs. Turn's out that he was in a Lotus Eater Machine all the time. The front half of Kunta Kinte's foot was chopped off with an axe to prevent him from running away again. He had been given the choice of that or being castrated. In season 4, Nyssa al Ghul offers a cure to save Thea's life if Oliver only kills Malcolm Merlyn so that she may have control of the League of Assassins.

Oliver, however, manages to Take a Third Option by cutting off Merlyn's hand in order to get the ring of Ra's al Ghul from him. Monty Python Discussed, but not depicted, in the lifeboat sketch, in which a group of starving sailors start out discussing cannibalism and end up horse trading about which limbs they're willing to sacrifice in order to feed each other, and culminating in a series of intermittent vignettes about how there is hardly any cannibalism in the Royal Navy, really In another sketch, Eric Idle is a soldier in Africa whose leg was bitten off by a tiger.

He's completely unfazed by it and asks the doctor when he can expect it to grow back again. Used in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to underscore the importance of keeping all receipts when traveling.

Farscape A very disturbing type three is done with one of Pilot's arms by several members of Moya's crew in an early episode.

In a later episode, another Pilot is missing three arms. It turns out the maddened crew of his ship are eating them, repeatedly, as they regenerate. The season 4 character Sikozu has the ability to reattach appendages. At various times she loses fingers, a hand, and on one occasion An Arm and a Leg. Butch Gilzean has his hand chopped off to create a sob-story to infiltrate the Galavans. He later has it replaced with a super-strong prosthetic. Mack has to cut off Phil's hand to stop the Diviner's effects.

Phil's replacement limb has A LOT of bells and whistles. Also counts as real life. Dexter gives us the Ice Truck Killer dispersing Tony Tucci around the city, limb segment by limb segment. Tucci survives, but needs a new left leg and right hand. Dollhouse gives us a Type 3 sort of with the Japanese security specialist in the Attic , whose worst fear is being seated in a traditional restaurant eating red meat.

Without having to cross, bend or fold his legs. It becomes one of the reasons he takes part in the attempted mutiny aboard Galactica. In old Saturday Night Live sketches, this happened to Mr. Bill all the time , since Mr. Bill was made of clay. In Justified , Limehouse chops off Quarles' left arm in the season finale.

He ends up bleeding to death on the floor, but not before giving away a secret. In Black Adder II , when Blackadder impersonates the imprisoned Lord Farrow whom he's never seen , he guesses wrong about how much of his limb the one-armed Farrow is missing. When Farrow's wife notices the discrepancy, he ad-libs a story that uses this trope, about how he'd lost the remaining portion of his arm in a fight with another prisoner.

In Neighbours , Paul Robinson loses a leg after taking a massive header into a ravine. Paul Milner loses one of his legs just below the knee during the Battle of Norway in the first episode of Foyle's War. He rejoins the police force after being outfitted with a prosthetic leg. His relationship with his wife was already strained, and his injury causes her to leave for good. It doesn't stop him from kicking ass. Angel does a type 3 with some type 2 it was in battle but also a deliberate amputation to Lindsey to get the scroll Lindsey was holding and because Lindsey was threatening Cordelia's life.

It later becomes a plot point when Lindsey gets a transplant and it becomes an Evil Hand. Wesley's counterpart in the Skipverse is missing an arm, likely from the same demon who appeared in "Parting Gifts" but without Angel to help him in this timeline.

His fencing skills are still formidable, though. Couple of years ago. When they say I charge an arm and a leg, it's just a figure of speech. In the Vocaloid song "Fear Garden," Rin cuts off people's arms to use as flowers in her garden. However, it is restored when her tear makes the plant grow and it carries her all the way to heaven. And as our ship pulled into Circular Quay I looked at the place where my legs used to be And thank Christ there was nobody waiting for me To grieve and to mourn and to pity.

Landmine has taken my sight Taken my speech Taken my hearing Taken my arms Taken my legs Taken my soul Left me with life in hell. The MacAllister family crest includes a severed hand holding a dirk. The story behind it was that one of the MacAllisters was in a boat race out to a sand dune and back, with the first to touch shore winning.

Upon realizing he was not going to beat his opponent, he cut off his hand, put his dirk with family crest in it for identity, and then threw it onto the beach for the win. The Irish god Nuada did something similar to the MacAllister above — the first to touch Irish soil would be the one who ruled, so in order to defeat his rival he cut off his own hand and threw it onto the beach. Problem was, a maimed man cannot rule, so he had to wait until another god built him a silver hand.

At the bend of the river Scheldt, legend tells of a giant who demanded toll from everyone who wanted to sail past his fortress. If they couldn't or didn't want to pay the toll, the giant Sus Antigoon cut off their hand as punishment.

Silvius Brabo, a Roman soldier, sought to bring an end to Antigoon's cruelty and defeated him. After this defeat Brabo cut off Antigoon's own hand and threw it into the Scheldt.

Supposedly this is where the city of Antwerp, Belgium got its name from. The Norse god Tyr lost his hand to Fenrir. Becky from Funky Winkerbean lost her left arm in a drunk driving accident, caused by Wally Winkerbean In Doonesbury , B.

Jayne loves tearing the arms off of her foes and even keeps one in her pack. This is arguably an Establishing Character Moment. In SAYER , Jack is forced to remove a pound of his flesh to conceal a stolen device in his pocket from floor scales—and allowed to choose between flaying a section of his torso or amputating his left hand. He chooses the amputation. In Pathfinder , followers of Zon-Kuthon consider this an honor. Fairly standard practice in the Warhammer 40, universe, many characters will have their limbs removed and replaced with mechanical devices: Adeptus Mechanicus priests require this of themselves.

Young adepts will have some augmentation, but are still wholly human. Skitarii and regular Adepts will have a good few limbs replaced and augmented with bionics. Senior Adepts will be more machine than man, and often have replaced all of their limbs and parts of their brain in extreme cases. The Iron Hands chapter requires the amputation of one of their hands as a rite of initiation, which is replaced with a bionic replacement.

This is to honor their founder, Ferrus Manus, who slew a dragon by drowning it in lava; the lava fused the dragon's metallic skin to Ferrus's hands. In one version of the fluff, whatever happened to end Rogal Dorn's life apparently left his hands behind, the skeletal remains of which have the names of various Imperial Fist champions etched in minute detail into them over the millennia.

Most of the Ork's "medicine" boils down to "find a spare, lob it off, then get sewing". This sometimes extends to their heads as well. They were intentionally created to allow this sort of patchwork surgery to work and to survive the horrible shock of losing multiple limbs without dying.

Most notably the Power Klaws often look like they're not gloves, but bionic replacements for their hands not that an ork minds it. In the Shadowrun novel 2XS protagonist Dirk Montgomery loses his arm when it gets burned by the magic spell of the wasp spirit queen. Luckily for him, he gets a cyberarm installed for free as a reward for taking out the insect spirit hive.

In William Shakespeare 's works: Parodied in The Merchant of Venice when Bassanio's new wife demands the wedding ring he has been forced to give away: Why, I were best to cut my left hand off And swear I lost the ring defending it. Ocelot type 3 when he loses an arm thanks to Gray Fox and type 1 the second , Liquid type 3, post-death, his arm was removed by Ocelot to replace his own missing arm , Gray Fox type 3 , Raiden several occasions, type 1 and type 2 as of Revengeance Big Boss and Miller lose an arm, and a literal arm and leg, respectively, in the aftermath of Ground Zeroes.

Hence the name of the main game, The Phantom Pain. In the second chapter of Tales of Monkey Island , Guybrush loses his left hand in a swordfight. Dead Space The game is literally begging you to cut off the necromorphs' limbs to effectively deal with them. An audio log found in the second half of the game documents a former survivor's efforts to remove his own limbs before committing suicide so his remains couldn't be turned into a necromorph.

Partway through Fear Effect , Glas gets his arm cut off. He gets it back in the true ending. Notably, this is one of the few cases in video games where the trope affects not only the plot but the gameplay; Glas is, naturally, unable to dual-wield his weapons after that point.

Gene from God Hand had his right arm cut off by Felix when he tried to save Olivia. Olivia repaid him by putting the titular limb on the stump. Later, Azel tears the left God Hand off of himself in a panic as he is being consumed by Angra.

Deadlocked , Al is hit with a blaster shot and has several parts replaced by cybernetics. The blaster only hit Al in the butt, yet he winds up with cybernetics in many random and seemingly unrelated places, leading some fans to suspect Al is just a little too into robots. Perhaps he had an "interface port" installed for Helga Shinobu in No More Heroes has her hand sliced off by Travis after the fight type 3.

Hopes to BlazBlue that Ragna doesn't lose a limb in every installment of the main series; he's currently lost one arm to type 3 and his other to type 2 to save Noel. One of the gag reels in Chronophantasma subjects Makoto to type 2 for Black Comedy. The limb in question is her tail. Which somehow comes to life on its own. During the Etherstorm saga from AdventureQuest Worlds , Galanoth, Dragonslayer extraordinaire, goes up against Desoloth, quite possibly the most powerful dragon in existence, and tries to take him down.

Unfortunately, Desoloth bites off Galanoth's arm, and is only saved from death by his friend Warlic summoning up all his magical power to restore him. Unfortunately, he cannot bring back Galanoth's arm, so he has to get a new one, which he obtains from X'Dir who had sought to use it as a bargaining chip to try to get Galanoth to join Desoloth during the Etherstorm War, only to meet with the Dragonslayer's full-on wrath.

In Brain Dead 13 , Lance can end up dead like this in a "manicure" if you don't help him escape Vivi's attempts to cut off his hand. In The Walking Dead the player can choose to initiate a type 3 when a man's leg gets trapped. Especially notable because not only are you the one to do it, it's rather realistic; being incredibly gory, and even with you brandishing a fire axe, it takes four swings to make it all the way through, the receiver passing out from shock and soon after dying due to blood loss.

And in Episode 5, after he's bitten, Lee can cut his arm off or have someone else do it in an attempt to save himself from the zombie infection. It doesn't work; he'll die at the end of the episode no matter what. In a much less severe case, in the third season Clementine is missing half of her left ring finger. MacMillan assumes that shock and blood loss will finish him off. In the first gameplay segment of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , Mitchell gets his left arm sliced off by a stray piece of shrapnel after blowing up an enemy gunship.

For extra kicker, his best friend was the one who blew up that gunship in a Heroic Sacrifice , as his arm got stuck inside the gunship while he was planting explosives on it and Mitchell was unable to get him loose, even with his exosuit's Super Strength.

He gets a perfectly functional cybernetic replacement later on, from said best friend's father In the finale, the Big Bad ends up dangling from Mitchell's prosthetic and Mitchell, unable to let go of him due to the arm's servos not functioning anymore, pulls out his knife with his other arm and cuts the prosthetic off to send the one who gave it to him in the first place plummeting to his death - " giving back the second chance ", as Mitchell puts it in the game's closing monologue.

An Interactive Story uses the Deliberate version. Roger has the chance to use his gun and save Dennis from the entities , but knows that shooting would blast off Dennis 's hand. It's up to the player whether he goes through with it. Becker 's left arm gets ripped off in Max Payne 3 when one of his own grenades explode in close proximity.

In The Cat Lady , this is the first Sacrifice of Blood necessary to leave the Queen of Maggots' realm and return to the world of the living. Fortunately, it's only temporary. Inquisition Solas removes most of the Inquisitor's left arm in order to prevent the mark from consuming them completely However, certain epilogues show that they get a crossbow Arm Cannon to replace it This trope is used in Xenoblade Chronicles X as the cornerstone of its Robotic Reveal.

Aaron Cash of the Batman: Arkham Series , after a nasty run-in with Killer Croc , is left with a missing left hand, and a deep burning hatred for the supervillain. Taming Dreams has Berdanre, who's lost his arm, leg and spouse in a tragic accident. In Undertale , during the final fight with Mettaton EX, you can blow his arms and legs off if you shoot his heart enough. This lowers the required Ratings level needed to Spare him.

In Wasteland 2 Casey James performs a type 1 in order to ensure peace between two feuding tribes. Also, the Choppers are elite guards who chop off one of their arms to prove their loyalty. They both get reattached almost immediately thanks to Ethan's infection. This also counts as Major Injury Underreaction. All I lost was my left arm! In Winter Shard , Frederick gets his right arm torn off by Temonz. He gets a replacement right arm that can tear through flesh and drain the warmth from any living and undead being after making a deal with Krotus.

Type 3 happens in Chaos;Head when Nanami's right hand gets cut off and then send to the main character, as a way to intimidate him. Emi was involved in a car accident that cost her both her legs and her father. Miki lost her left hand in an undisclosed workshop incident. After Makoto chooses her over Sekai, the mentally broken Sekai goes Murder the Hypotenuse and pushes Kotonoha on the train line they're standing next to.

Makoto tries to catch Kotonoha but fails to save her from being hit by the train During the climactic battle scene of Grisaia no Rakuen Travis walks calmly to the battlefield to face Yuuji. When he arrives, he's horrified to realize everyone is already dead and he has no idea where Yuuji is.

Before he realizes anything is wrong, Yuuji takes his left hand with a combat knife, causing him to fire wildly with the gun in his right hand before he loses that too. Mystery tore off Arthur's possessed arm, but only after??? Lewis burnt Shiromori's arm to a crisp and as it started crumbling to dust he ripped off the hand that was holding his locket.

She regrew it and her head, which Lewis had punched off, very quickly to his surprise. It's the greatest day! Marzipan, who has neither arms nor legs , replies "Not a problem.

At some point in Mercury's past, he lost both of his legs and had them replaced with prosthetic limbs. This eventually becomes extremely useful to the villains. Mercury is very sensitive to Pyrrha's magnetism Semblance and is able to assess her abilities after only seconds of sparring allowing him to gather valuable intelligence about her that Cinder can exploit.

He is also capable of withstanding Yang's Semblance-empowered attacks and make it appear as though his legs are broken without being genuinely harmed. This allows Emerald to use her powers to frame both Yang and Pyrrha, and by extension Ozpin as their headmaster , without Mercury being injured or anyone catching on. At the end of Volume 3, Adam vows to Blake that he will destroy everything she cares about.

When he sees her horrified reaction upon realising Yang is trying to find her, Adam decides to start with Yang, cutting off her arm when she rushes in to save Blake. Blake is so guilt-ridden that she goes on the run. In Volume 4, Yang struggles to come to terms with the loss of her arm and suffers PTSD in the form of nightmares and flashbacks to Adam maiming her.

When Ironwood, without prompting, commissions a state-of-the-art cybernetic replacement for Yang, Oobleck tells her that there are a lot of people who want her back to "normal", but does not elaborate on who or why. Yang only reluctantly accepts the arm and begins to wear it when she realises that the reason Taiyang isn't searching for Ruby, who has left to hunt the villains with only Jaune's team for company, is because Taiyang cannot look after Yang and search for Ruby at the same time.

Basi of Without Moonlight recieved serious injuries during a mission before the story started, resulting in an amputated arm. Dominic Deegan had one of his legs blown off when Raf Malish's soul exploded and he was caught in the blast radius. Happens several times in Drowtales with golem limbs being common replacements.

Nihi'liir lost her arm due to a psychic attack and got a golem replacement. Gunnerkrigg Court starts to get dramatic when we see in flashback how Antimony's father Anthony lost his forearm. He cut it off himself, on advice from the psychopomps, as a 'flesh antenna' to allow him to speak to his dead wife.

Blaster Nation has been building up since the beginning to the story of how Logan lost his arm and became unable to work as a butcher and amazingly resentful of his son.

Lacking the support of his wife and son on an overloaded workday, he got tired and careless while trying to unjam the meat grinder. Missing arms are a recurring motif in Homestuck , along with wounds to the eye. Caliborn bites off his own leg to escape the shackle placed on it by his sister after assuming full control of their shared body. A werewolf attacking in a frenzy is shown ripping the arm from a terrified vagrant — one of several attacks mostly shown by their human-jigsaw aftermath.

The author has studied anatomy with care, and it shows. Girl Genius Oggie summarily amputates Dimo's left arm to save him from a bioweapon infection. Unlike most examples of version one, Dimo is actually grateful for the intervention. Later, Captain Vole casually tears the arm off an assassin to counter his Deadman Switch. In a side-story, Agatha is happy to get a chance to test her Pocket De-Arming Device, which chops off its target's arms. A particular squicky example of Type 3 appears in Flipside: Maytag then kindly allows Mary to eat the rest of her arm as well, because Mary needs the food and that's just the sort of girl Maytag is.

Anything for a new thrill! On her very first day in captivity one of Hammer's captors cuts off her hand in revenge for the death of her son. Karate Bears rewrite goldilocks to their advantage.

Fingers in Goblins can disintegrate the bodies of creatures that touch it. Does it surprise anybody that even this trope has its own genre of internet pornography? It's often depicted as an extreme and permanent form of bondage. Fable lost her left arm while summoning a large creature of the void to save her coven. In the Project Freelancer flashback sequences of Red vs. Blue , there's an Insurrectionist soldier who somehow survives a MAC strike with nothing worse than his left arm being blown off, and replaced by a cybernetic replacement.

In Season 10, he loses said arm to a knife-throw from Carolina, shortly before being blown away by Maine's Brute Shot. A deleted scene reveals that he survives that, too, having lost his other arm. In The Most Popular Girls in School , the cheerleaders and the Van Burens fight for Deandra The New Girl's loyalty, which results in a tug-of-war that rips off both of Deandra's arms And the viewers can't even pretend it didn't happen, because the characters like bringing it up in later episodes.

Later Deandra has them replaced with one realistic-looking prosthetic and one cyborg arm— she couldn't decide on one set. Toki lost her right leg in a landmine accident. From Killerbunnies , we have Oleander, who technically lost her leg to an accident in that the accident caused her to suffer an injury, warranting amputation. Atlasnaya is mentioned to have lost an arm and leg each to an accident, after she was sold to the Bratfa.

Panchi agrees if Martial Ape can defeat Red. When the two fight Red promptly kicks his ass, with Martial Ape only getting in one or two blows while Red leaves him crying for mercy, and she was still warming up and hadn't gotten serious yet. When Red spares him, however, Martial Ape goes to backstab her, only for Panchi to suddenly do a Flash Step , grab ahold of one of his arms, and initiate the following conversation: On a scale of one to ten, how attached are you to this arm?

In the episode "The Enemy Below", Aquaman cuts off his hand to save his son. The Flashpoint Paradox , Superman blasts Aquaman's right arm off with his heat vision to try and save Cyborg, as Aquaman is about to impale Cyborg's exposed heart. Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot: In the episode "The Champ" Big Guy fights with an alien invader, Po, who threatens to blow the Earth up if his challenge is refused. As a gesture of good Faith, Big Guy offers a handshake at the start of the fight. Po uses this as an opportunity to yank Big Guy off of his feet.

During their rematch later that episode, Big Guy offers a handshake again, and Po once again takes advantage Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers: It's implied that Zachary Foxx's bionics had to be installed due to injuries he received in the pilot episode.

He takes a couple of direct blaster hits to his left side. He picks it up , hulks out and smacks Zoidberg down with the said arm. It gets reattached later Fry also had his hands bitten off and devoured by T-Rex. Bender's arms are prone to falling off. He somehow reinstalls them back every time.

As with Herman the weapons store owner, who apparently lost one of his arms after "his teacher told him not to stick his arm out the school bus window. Nick replaces one of his patient's legs with an arm and one of his arms with a leg. In the original Thunder Cats , a villain threatens to do this to a hostage during a Prison Riot unless Mandora surrenders. The hostage was an android , possibly why the writers figured it wouldn't matter, but that didn't make the poor guy's pleas for mercy sound any less discomforting.

Fortunately, Mandora agrees and they let him go. Thunder Cats manages to pull this off despite an affinity for Bloodless Carnage. Instead, Panthro suffers an instantly-cauterizing Portal Cut , losing both arms mid-bicep. Qilby in Wakfu lost his left arm when Phaeris the dragon bit it off when he helped end Qilby's world-wrecking rampage in the past. He later has a mechanical replacement fitted.

Adventures of the Gummi Bears ; in one episode, Gruffi uses a mechanical suit of armor to infiltrate Igthorn's castle and rescue King Gregor. When its arm is clubbed off while fighting Igthorn's ogre, the bad guys are surprised when it casually picks it up and reattaches it. Well, it looks like it's doing so casually.

As a shot of Gruffi fixing it inside the suit reveals, sweating and worried as he does so, it's not as easy as it looks. His arm is amputated between seasons, and the direct consequences of this lead to him becoming the Lizard in season two. Shoko's parents sold her right arm for a computer. Finn , Shoko's reincarnation , was also heavily implied to lose his right arm at some point. Three different possible visions of the future and a view into an Alternate Universe show him with a prosthetic arm , and a cursed sword is now attached to the same arm.

It does indeed happen at the beginning of the sixth season, as a result of him and said cursed sword trying to pull back a chunk of dead guardian that his father was riding away on.

He was later able to replace it with a high-tech weapon developed by LexCorp, whereupon he took on the name 'Arsenal'. Krabs' attempt to retrieve a stray dime in "Squid's Day Off" lands him in the hospital due to this trope.

Aron Ralston is a well-known Real Life type 1 example; his arm became trapped under a boulder while hiking, and he wound up cutting it off when it became clear that his choice was between self-amputation and death by dehydration.

The film Hours was made about his trial. Surfer Bethany Hamilton lost one of her arms in a shark attack. She too had a movie made about her life, Soul Surfer.

There's a psychological condition curiously found nearly entirely in men where the sufferer feels that the only way for them to be comfortable with their own body is to have a limb removed. Standard hospital practice is to transfer anyone who requests a healthy limb be removed into psychotherapy.

Unfortunately, some such people have died of complications after having a Back-Alley Doctor take their limbs off. Research into ways to help people cope with amputation trauma has raised the possibility that some cases of Body Integrity disorder may be caused by a lack of mirror neurons in the brain. In those cases psychological assistance won't do any good. This was standard punishment for slaves who failed to meet the rubber quota in colonial Congo.

Either this or Fingore was actually a "standard" punishment for slaves of all kinds. Double if they were former prisoners of war.

The Hudud punishment for theft and highway robbery without homicide is to amputee the person's hands. A good percentage of sportsmen and women who partake in the Paralympic Games , as it's one of the physical impairments that allows them to partake in the games. Oscar Pistorius was the first double leg amputee to take part in the Olympic Games he took part in the Paralympic Games as well.

His amputations later became a key point when he was accused of murder - it was asked whether he'd been wearing his prosthetic legs or not. He still did what he could to give instructions until he bled to death.

Speaking of the Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Nelson had only one arm, the other having been amputated some years earlier.

Iamges: dinobot slash

dinobot slash

Big Boss and Miller lose an arm, and a literal arm and leg, respectively, in the aftermath of Ground Zeroes. In Tavi's Blood And Fire:

dinobot slash

Lewis burnt Shiromori's arm to a crisp and as it started crumbling to dust he ripped off the hand that was holding his locket. Whenever someone gets directly hit, it will usually either be Killed Off for Real or this. In The One-Handed Girl , the girl's brother cuts her hand off in the process of cutting down her pumpkin vine.

dinobot slash

He sternly said goodbye, and left with the other Dinobots in tow. Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick. Word dinobot slash God says that the writing and editing team are very fond dinobbot this trope when concerning the narrator Jeri cho himself. Farscape A ddinobot dinobot slash type dinobot slash is done with one of Pilot's arms by several members of Moya's crew in an early episode. He lost arm yet again, when Monkey King Bambina tried to dance with him and accidentally tore his arm off. That was a rather surprisingly appearance, I really didn't expect his scene at all. Dinobot was further outraged when Megatron planned to flee into Transwarp, but was delighted when Megatron opened fire on the Axalon dinobot slash doing so.