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We removed the shells from these salted roasted Virginia peanuts so that you can snack happily right away! Crunchy and sweet bite size pieces of peanut brittle covered in luscious milk chocolate. The convenience of having them delivered to my door, eliminating the shopping, loading in my car and carrying the peanuts I used to buy locally, is the best part.

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Peanut flour can also be used as a thickener for soups. The only surprise was that they didn't come in a sack. New Saigon Cinnamon Saigon Cinnamon is the most powerful cinnamon available, also known as Your company has been great to work with. They are a big hit!

Each peanut is coated with a crunchy shell and flavored with a hint of soy sauce. One taste and you will understand just how addicting they are! Fresh peanut splits with a deliciously sweet honey taste.

Sweet and salty, our honey roasted peanut butter stock to have as a snack, or as a base for homemade honey peanut butter. Watch out for the kick of these wasabi peanuts! Definitely one of our hottest items, the hot wasabi complements the sweet peanuts to create a wonderful taste.

Perfectly roasted peanuts encased in a crunchy shell, then coated with the perfect amount of spicy Cajun seasoning. One bite of these Cajun peanuts will have your taste buds begging for more. Our old fashioned peanut brittle is delicious, crunchy and sure to win over taste buds.

Roasted peanuts are embedded in hard candy for a salty-sweet favorite. These tantalizingly sweet buffalo peanuts will make your taste buds dance! Loaded with flavor, these peanuts pack an initial sweet taste followed up with a slight spicy buffalo kick.

A delicious mixture of peanuts, sugar, and honey. Dry roasted blanched peanut flour is high in protein and perfect for baking. Peanut flour can also be used as a thickener for soups. Gives a great peanut flavor to any recipe. This is full fat peanut flour. French burnt peanuts are deliciously fresh Spanish peanuts, covered in a crunchy candy shell. A favorite of dads and grandpas everywhere! These are the famous and original Boston Baked Beans. Well not the original original, because these are really fresh, but you know what we mean!

These are crunchy and sweet coated peanuts. Straight from Virginia, these salted peanuts are one of the best tasting snacks around. Our nuts are roasted right in-house so they arrive to you at their freshest. Super jumbo blanched peanuts are mega-sized Virginia peanuts. We blanch these jumbo nuts to remove the skin and make for easy snacking. First boiled in water, then roasted, and finally sprinkled with salt, these are crispy and frankly, awesome. These blister peanuts are a premium product.

Naturally smaller in kernel size, these peanuts pack a powerful snacking experience. Roasted to perfection and evenly salted. Organic dry roasted peanuts out of the shell are smaller than the traditional Virginia peanuts, but pack a much sweeter taste.

These are an absolutely delicious snack. Organic wild jungle peanuts are beautiful heirloom nuts, wild-crafted by the Shuar tribe of the Amazon. These raw peanuts are rich, aromatic and earthy. They are loaded with heart-healthy oleic acid. Dark chocolate covered peanuts are a decadent treat for any nut lover! Our freshly dry roasted peanuts are smothered in rich and silky dark chocolate.

These roasted super jumbo Virginia peanuts are the largest peanuts you can find anywhere! Picked straight from Virginia and roasted fresh with no salt, these unsalted peanuts are simply delicious. Peanuts covered in a deliciously crunchy coating with real pieces of seaweed mixed into the coating. These are similar to what is found in many Asian markets.

Our sesame peanuts are covered in a deliciously crunchy sesame seed coating. These sesame peanuts are similar to what is found in many Asian markets. Also known as Inca Peanuts, Sacha Inchi is being touted as one of the best new superfoods! Sacha Inchi peanuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein.

First, we take only the finest dry roasted goobers. Then, we coat them in the smoothest tasting yogurt coating available to create one awesome treat. Our maple double dip peanuts are pure deliciousness! Perfectly roasted peanuts are dipped not once but twice in a sweet maple coating. Organic dry roasted and salted peanuts out of the shell are smaller than the traditional Virginia peanuts, but pack a much sweeter taste. Craving that signature barbecue flavor in a nutty snack? Our BBQ peanuts are perfectly roasted jumbo-sized Virginia peanuts seasoned with the flavors of smokey barbecue.

Sugar-toasted peanuts are delicious toasted peanuts covered in a red sugar coating. These are similar to French-roasted peanuts. Equally yummy, regardless of what you call them! Want to try something new? These boiled peanuts are a great snack!

We go through these by the pallet! Enjoy classic movie theater candy without all the sugar with our no sugar added chocolate peanuts. Freshly roasted peanuts covered in chocolate coating. Our carob-covered peanuts are a perfect treat for those who can't have chocolate. Very pleased with peanuts, packaging, and timely delivery.

We have been ordering from Bertie for several years and they are always just what we expected. The arrive when promised and have a good price for the product.

They are great for my purposes. I feed them to the squirrels and chipmunks in the back yard. If you buy your peanuts at your local supermarket, you don't know how good a peanut can be.

There is nothing like peanuts from Bertie County! I thought the shelled ones were in-the-shell. Never would've bought them if id seen those charges. Not your fault, just saying a trip to buy bulk at my WM would've been cheaper. The quality of our bulk raw peanut order was great and Bertie County shipped very quickly. Definitely a positive experience for us! I like the raw peanuts, they are just right for boiling and most of my friends love them Thanks. I'm extremely impressed with all aspects of my order.

Quality, packing, shipping and price. Great job, thanks and I'll be back. It is amazing how fast truck drivers can go through a 25 pound bag while unloading shelled corn. Great Product and Great Service. I buy these for the wild animals around here. The price is the best on the net!

Your peanuts are awesome! I purchase the roasted salted in the shell peanuts by the 25 bulk several times so that the office personnel can enjoy them. Thank you for this wonderful snack! I buy peanuts for the squirrels and birds that frequent my property. I used to buy large bags of roasted, salted peanuts in the shell from the local grocery store.

Discovering Bertie County Peanuts has made my shopping easier since the peanuts are delivered to my door; and raw peanuts are much better for the birds and critters. I have been buying the 30 lb bulk peanuts for several years now and consider these to be the best peanuts available anywhere. In likely at least lbs of peanuts I have yet to find one which was bad.

This is a great product. Love, love, love your peanuts. I was thrilled to receive my order in a box. No fibers were in the peanuts, which is not always the case when I have gotten them in burlap bags.

I've been a customer of Bertie Country Peanuts for several years. I enjoy the quality, ease of ordering, and prompt delivery. Been buying bulk for several years now, and really enjoy two aspects: Clean, 1st quality jumbo peanuts for a good price. Shipping cost was a bit high but that's to be expected. They come shelled and unsalted. I use them for breakfast shakes. Ordered the jumbo raw peanuts. Boiled up around 5lbs the moment they arrived. Just enough sweet taste to offset the salt.

Price good, Shipping reasonable. Good buy for the money. I continue to do business with Bertie County Peanuts. I feed them to birds and squirrels and appreciate that they're available in bulk and delivered to my door. Just what I wanted. The delivery in 2 days was incredible!

Love the nuts but I was expecting a little more in the package and then just nuts put in a box loose but then again it is described as bulk. I was picturing them coming in one of the little barrels that was in one of the pictures on your website or basket maybe it was either way we are very happy with the product and we will be returning customers. Excellent product, service, and price. I am a repeat customer, never disappointed. Ordering on line was very easy and received my order in a few days.

I'm happy,the birds are happy. Nothing better than fresh roasted peanuts. I buy these peanuts to feed to birds and squirrels. The convenience of having them delivered to my door, eliminating the shopping, loading in my car and carrying the peanuts I used to buy locally, is the best part.

These nuts were excellent, easy to shell and tasty. The two pound size came in a cute gunney sack, nice gift idea. The chocolate covered, blister fried and honey roasted were not good at all, tasteless and stale. Sorry to hear that you don't like our products.

Recived nuts in a decent time. And are of good quality. Have made peanut butter with them and was very good! I have had these bulk nuts sent to relatives twice now and they continue to rave about freshness, taste, etc. Had a hankering for boiled peanuts after moving north.

Was not disappointed, would buy again. Better grade peanuts than at retail stores. Your service is great, and the raw peanuts are superb! Even my local squirrels are delighted when they get some! Bought the 25 bag of slated in the shell peanuts for a company I used to be partners. They are enjoying them We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly we received our order, as well as how well it was packaged.

Ordered items from other businesses not related 4 days before I ordered from Bertie County Peanuts and received my order of peanuts 2 days before the other company. High quality products and speedy processing. I will definitely do business with Bertie County Peanuts from now on. Thank you so much. This was my first purchase. Product arrived quickly and is meeting expectations. I have ordered from this company for about 8 years.

I complained one time about product and it was replace. Could not ask for better customer service! I have ordered 2 times from Bertie County Peanuts and each order arrived just as quick as "Jimmy Johns. I would recommend Bertie's for any customer who wants quality and quickness!!!

Thanks, Bertie County Peanut Company for your service!!!! I was sooo excited to find your website! I am from the south and love making boiled peanuts but could not find any in Maryland. Now everyone asks when I will be making more I searched all over the web for a fair price on somm shelled peanuts to feed our Bluejays.

Every time I found a halfway fair price, the shipping costs were outrageous. When we received the packaged product, I couldn't believe how large the peanuts were. I bookmarked their page and will most definitely be shopping agtain there soon.

The order arrived within days - a 30 box of raw peanuts, which roasted perfectly in my oven. The only surprise was that they didn't come in a sack. There were peanuts falling through the cardboard bottom. I give these to local wildlife. It's the least expensive quality and quantity to feed them. These are some of the nicest peanuts I've received. Hardly any broken shells and a very nice size.

The critters can't get enough. Also arrived quickly, plus I love the square box. The 25 lbs of raw unshelled peanuts I ordered were beautiful, uniform, with no, and I mean no, bad ones among them. The only thing is the taste is somewhat weak, and I attribute that to the time of the year I ordered them. After all, it's almost time for the new crop to come in, so the taste has to change some over the months.

I give them a fiver. I have been buying raw peanuts from Bertie County for years. I roast them in the oven and my entire family enjoys them. I've bought this box of peanuts several times and I'm extremely satisfied every time. Makes great peanut butter, but they're also great by the handful. Super fast shipping too! Love these peanuts nice and big and blanched then we roast them and lightly salt them These peanuts are simply the best.

Larger and more flavorful than those from other states. Truly a mouth watering and nutrition packed snack. Also, fewer trips to a grocery store as these come in a 25 lb. Good buy for any reason. I feed them to the squirrels and they give them a four paws up and favorable tail flick. We have been purchasing your products for about 10 years. We roast your bulk blanched peanuts for Christmas treats Loved by all! We order online and afew days later they arrive. I was pleased with the product, and the ease of ordering.

Silly as it might seem - even the cardboard box was good quality - arrived in tact My order was delivered within days. Product bulk raw peanuts was fresh and great quality. The shipping is great.

I buy every year because they get here fast and are wonderful in my homemade peanut brittle. I love that I have the option to roast my own peanuts from raw! However, it would be nice to put them on sale every so often. I buy so many that a price break would be great! I make peanut brittle for the holidays. I have trouble finding raw peanuts. I found your web site on line and ordered 5 pounds. I liked your peanuts a lot and did another order for 30lbs bulk. I will freeze what I do not use this year and use it for next year and will order more as needed.

Thank you for a great product! Peanuts are great and I order bulk approximately every 3 months. But the shipping cost to the W Coast is outrageous. These peanuts were Excellent Quality!!!!!! No junk in the box!! Best nuts for the price. I was looking for something for my squirrels that wouldn't break the bank. We received a 25lb bag of roasted peanuts for our backyard birds.

The birds love them as do the squirrels. The box arrived quickly. While we bought these to feed the birds, the nuts also taste great! I am so glad I found you on the internet. Sorry to hear that.

We'll be in touch to address your concerns. These plump in shell peanuts were delivered much quicker than I expected. Good price, well packed. Very high quality, make them for folks at my moms assited living. Just wish I could get a little better price. Every one order them you will be pleased!!!!!!

Jumbo sized nuts that my squirrels love! Very fresh as well. All the extra oil made mew anti make my own. My girls now get peanut butter they love to both help make and eat and I know everything that goes in. Funny thing is now their peanut butter now taste like peanuts and not oil. As an added bonus it is at s fraction of the cost. Thanks for a great product every time I order!

Bought 25 lb box of peanuts for the squirrels. Squirrels love the nuts. I love Bertie and everything they offer, great delivery, fast and great treats. Product is clean and fresh. Peanuts are large and taste great. Packaged well and promptly shipped. We will reorder again in the future.

Iamges: bulking on peanuts

bulking on peanuts

The 25 lbs of raw unshelled peanuts I ordered were beautiful, uniform, with no, and I mean no, bad ones among them. Shelled extra large roasted and salted blanched peanuts. Will definitely buy from you again!

bulking on peanuts

They are the perfect size.

bulking on peanuts

The peanute arrived quickly. Bulkinng searched all over the web for a fair price on somm shelled peanuts to feed our Bluejays. A delicious mixture of peanuts, bulking on peanuts, and honey. I gave away some at work when they arrived and still have plenty more to eat at home. Bertie's peanuts are both delicious and a good value. The price was less than other stores, and the delivery was very prompt. I froze the peanuts in quart bags bulking on peanuts keep them fresh and will pull out a bag every month or so to haldol subcutaneous up a batch of peanutbutter.