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24 Hour Anabolic Fasting Survival Guide

anabolic pump fasted training protocol

Imagine what happens if we have shut down the eating of starchy carbs after 4pm on the day before?! His opinion is that BCAA usage during a fast will negate many positive effects the fast creates. S - We are only taking dedicated warriors, only the serious apply! Elliot is a raw powerlifter who enjoys researching the science behind how the human body works.

The Anabolic Diet

The biggest thing I notice with Anabolic Pump is that it helps with gaining size and mass. Gotta keep going with the macros remaining constant, or the numbers become rather meaningless. I try to eat clean for the most part. Truth be told, I like to workout in a non-fasted state. The BCAA-fueled workouts tell a different story altogether. Congrats on the new late night gig. Fasted Trainers, Fed Trainers, and a non-training group of controls for the study.

I had ten weeks. Unless a very large combination of powerful, muscle inducing anabolic steroids is present, not much muscle can possibly be built in 5 weeks. Even in untrained amateurs. And if you read my blog, you know my quest to secure one fell woefully short. That sort of thing. My results would need to be consistently achieved by many before they ever became seen as conclusive. But curiosity has its grip on me.

I still want to know. In order to prove the case for or against BCAA usage when training in a fasted state, the BCAA usage must be the only variable manipulated for each 5 week segment. Everything else needed to be the same. It was time to start naming some constants. Getting variables under control. I estimated I needed around 2, calories daily in order to maintain my current weight. But the excess calories would result in confounding variables.

I would have to track more diligently than I ever had for ten weeks. The increased calories would ensure I would still have enough wiggle room to enjoy some damn good food. But for the most part, I would need to be on point, day in and day out, for 70 days.

Food needed to be closely monitored and controlled. If I gained strength and muscle, it had to be from the BCAA, not from the three cheesecakes I had consumed over the weekend. I needed to be sure I maintained the same training regimen throughout the duration of the experiment.

Anybody will get results in the first few weeks of a new program. I needed to make sure the gains were from the supplementation and not the programming. Start at , increase by 5 pounds each time completed. Start at 65, increase by 5 pounds each time completed. Barbell incline bench press. Start at , increase by 10 pounds each time completed.

I try to eat clean for the most part. I would have to hit my macros as closely as possible and not worry about the possible effects of my food choices.

I do my best to maintain a constant sleeping schedule. I kinda have to with two living, breathing alarm clocks sleeping down the hall from me. Especially after dealing with pubescent teenagers all day long. The sound is blaring in the gym and the equipment is packed full of people.

This is not the case at all at 7 AM. In the early morning hours, the weight room is often empty. The sound is muted. The cardio-queen soccer moms are all doing their thing. I had set a new PR a few weeks back and pulled And when I put on the bar my first day, I could barely eek out 3 reps.

And of course, the thought instantly crossed my mind that I should have consumed some of those damn BCAAs. My conditioning surely improved.

I was starting to think maybe Brad Pilon was onto something. There was one piece of evidence which stuck out to me like a sore thumb. I had underestimated my TDEE. I attribute this to a few things. First off, I was on point day in and day out with my macros. There was no more guessing. Every rest day was nailed. As was every training day. It became quite evident rather quickly that I had underestimated my fat consumption before the experiment started. And now, I was hitting my fat number on the button.

There were no cheat days or buffet-style binges. Gotta keep going with the macros remaining constant, or the numbers become rather meaningless. My new, adjusted TDEE for future reference clocked in at 2, calories.

I chose the side view as I thought it showed the results more profoundly. Certainly not striking results, but it was only five weeks. Two things strike me from the picture: There was a 4 pound weight loss and some good strength increases as well. When looking at the data, there is no denying a major difference between the two sets. Some of the information is extremely intriguing.

First, the lifting numbers. In the five weeks of BCAA-less training, the only exercises which showed any improvement whatsoever are the sumo deadlift and front squat. The other lifts, other than incline bench, which made a modest 5 pound increase, stayed the same.

The total aggregate increase for the first 5 weeks: The BCAA-fueled workouts tell a different story altogether. Every exercise went up. Upper body, lower body, total body, every single one. Even my bench press, which had remained extremely stagnant for around 9 months as I underwent an aggressive cut.

Total aggregate increase for the second five weeks: It seems as though every body part remained constant with its measurements except for the abdomen. Not sure exactly what this means. It could simply mean I had less belly fat to start with during the last 5 weeks, so the fat loss, while greater, was from other areas.

Anecdotally, I simply felt better when taking the powder as well. I would not hesitate at all to be sure to include BCAA into your pre-workout nutrition, espeically if training fasted. The only consideration should be price. If you have a MWF split routine, one scoop per day will last you ten weeks. At least not for me. I have my answer.

And I need to just take whatever Berkhan says as gospel, I believe…….. What times did you eat food and what times were you doing the BCAAs? Excellent article, I have been training fasted for 6 months at AM, weeks ago I started BCAA 30 minutes before and where I was stagnant I am now moving up in weight, I feel stronger as the training session goes on… BCAA I am convinced are indeed a no brainer, and my only regret is not starting them sooner. Berkhan Knows his shit. If anything they are at least equals in this regards.

Both super sharp guys. One of the biggest reasons I ran the personal experiment is because I value both of their opinions highly and they differed on their recommendations. The results were obvious. My window was pm. I ate lunch at 11 and dinner around 6. I trained at 7 and consumed BCAA pre-workout and then again two hours after the first dose. Did you experiment with BCAAs post workout? In my opinion this would give you all of the benefits and none of the downsides.

And, yes, I think feeling amped pre-workout because you took BCAAs has got to be purely psychological. I actually take them pre-bed sometimes because the insulin spike makes me drowsy! I dosed the BCAA both pre-workout 5 minutes prior and took another dose around two hours after the first, post workout. Recall that at my 7 am workout, I am in hour 12 of a fast. I probably will never find out, though.

The results were that obvious. I usually eat the same meal everyday at lunch 12 Noon and then workout about 4 pm. Post workout I consume 35 g of Jarrow Protein and g of Jarrow creatine. Colin — some prefer to take them no matter what. I fall into this category. If something as basic as this is done so haphazardly, it brings the rest of your test methods into question.

I was using a rep range and making weight progressions once a desired number of reps was achieved. Over the last few years I have dropped lbs! Now, reading about adding pre-workout BCAA, and one again two hours later, and the results you saw, really has me intrigued and I would like to try it out myself.

Or is one as recommended by the website all I need? I hope you can help me with this. My guess is — 10 tablets. Thanks for the support and question. They are generally 10 grams per scoop, so one scoop should do it pre-workout. Post-workout is your call. This is the kind I personally use. I obviously keep track of my protein intake, and watch my calories like a hawk.

I was wondering… since BCAA essentially makes up for some of the protein, should I take less protein? It IS first time, after all. I did, however, not really feel a difference until about minutes into my training which usually takes about half an hour , so next time I will take the BCAA a little earlier. They are technically calories, and the building blocks of protein. However, you could say they are an incomplete protein. Generally, most people do not count BCAAs, glutamine, etc.

I do Berkhan early morning fasted training protocol and once a week I do a 24h fast. Are you planing to do a write up? Thanks for the blog! I have stuck with BCAA powder — for all workouts, fasted or unfasted, since this post. I just make sure to hit my protein macro on my feeding days and just eat whatever i want and as much as I want. I always eat a big post-workout meal and breakfast on lifting days….

Simply hit your overall protein number and you should be just fine. I try to exercise in the morning in a fasted state — the only thing I have is water. Then after my lifting I usually make a protein shake but I suppose then that breaks my fast because I mix my powder with almond milk and frozen fruit. This is probably a dumb question but when people say they take BCAAs pre workout are they just mixing the protein powder with water?

The biggest thing I notice with Anabolic Pump is that it helps with gaining size and mass. For me, pumps are not that great. However, I know that some people get insane pumps with it. God put me here. I thank him for making me victorious again. I've been here four years in a row. I'm just a normal guy, and I'll be back stronger and better next year with the Lord and Savior on my side. Originally Posted by Murcielago Dago. I have been debating the same but cannot see how those extracts can be as beneficial in such small qualities.

I am not bashing USP Labs by any means but just looking for more support and scientific back-up perhaps? Originally Posted by BWarrick Hands down, one of the best supplements ever used. Im carb sensitive so I can eat whatever I want and blow up in glycogen stores. I always eat the same amount of carbs when bulking regardless of if im using this.

Yet the difference when taking this is awesome. I compare this to a very low dose of slin as far as carb loading goes. I actually will use this with AAS because of it. AP carb loading is similar to that of low dosed slin, and that up superdrol which does an awesome job with it.

Last edited by Mulletsoldier; at Ive heard both sides on this supplement but more good than bad. So can you guys differentiate the purpose between AP and P-Slin? They seem very similar to some extent. I am interested in them. I have a diet very high in complex carbs since I am trying to put on mass 60 g or high for all of my main meals. Which would be better for me? Pslin is more for pre-workout.

It seems as you are looking for an all day thing like myself. Sounds like were on the same page. The increase in glycogen storage IMO greatly increases strength since you are much more full, giving you much more energy. The more nutrients shuttled into your the muscles, the more their fed their nutrients needed to grow.. Muscles need nutrients to repair and grow, so force feeding them will do it. People use insulin for this purpose, to force feed their muscles more than the muscles can handle.

AP does this, just less potent IMO. Insulin is very very dangerous and not reccommended as it can kill you in a heartbeat. AP is very good at this from personal experience, just much much much more safer.

I'm trying to debate between AP or my own cell volumizing cocktail: Never really did anything for me, I went through 2 or 3 bottles because I got a good deal on them. I never noticed much of a pump, and the recomp effects for me were negligible.

Iamges: anabolic pump fasted training protocol

anabolic pump fasted training protocol

Sunil — this seems like a solid set up to me. Im carb sensitive so I can eat whatever I want and blow up in glycogen stores.

anabolic pump fasted training protocol

In response, your body has in place several mechanisms which prevent the accumulation and synthesis of triglycerides and lipids, and release them into the bloodstream to be oxidized. Yes that is what i did, I took one bottle then took a couple weeks off.

anabolic pump fasted training protocol

Like I said, I was really looking to get more cut and give myself some more upper body strength. Thank you so much for your website and the information you have provided. I really hope you'll answer all my questions because I'm very confused and I'm interested in trying out the diet, thank you! If you are eating "simple carbs" it anabolic pump fasted training protocol not work for you and will only be stored as fat. Which had the same thing. I told her my plan was based on a […].